Human Single Neuron Meeting 2024

We are delighted to announce that the 7th International Human Single Neuron meeting will take place October 3-4, 2024 at the University of Chicago. 

This meeting is by design scheduled immediately prior to SFN in Chicago, which will start on October 5th. The event consists of two full days of talks, posters and short talks selected from an open call, exhibits from our sponsors, and opportunities for networking and interaction.

Meeting summary: The goal of the meeting is to hear about new exciting results and developments in the field of human single-neuron recordings as well as closely adjacent work, including related animal and other human work. 

Topics: Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: memory, learning, attention, language, faces, executive function, motor control, brain-machine interfaces, mechanisms (oscillations, inter-areal interactions), pathophysiology of disease, multi-species comparisons, multi-modal comparisons, techniques including electrode development, analysis techniques, new computational methods, new processing tools applicable to human data, new surgical techniques, work based on ex-vivo human slices or tissue (single-cell sequencing, recordings), and ethics as it relates to work with human participants or tissue.

Call for abstracts: A request for submissions for oral talks and posters will be issued in May. 

Registration: Online registration will open in June.

Program committee:  Ueli Rutishauser, Chair (Cedars-Sinai/Caltech),  Nanthia Suthana (UCLA), Itzhak Fried (UCLA), Richard Andersen (Caltech), Gabriel Kreiman (Boston Children's/Harvard), Peter Warnke (University of Chicago), Nicholas Hatsopoulos (University of Chicago)

Local organizing committee:  We are grateful to be hosted by the University of Chicago this year. Local chairs are Peter Warnke (University of Chicago) and Nicholas Hatsopoulos (University of Chicago)


For administrative queries, contact Michael Kyzar at
For programmatic queries, contact Ueli Rutishauser at