This meeting would not be possible with the generous support of our sponsors, for which we are very grateful. Sponsors will exhibit their products at the meeting and will have representatives ready to talk to you about your needs.

Exhibit location and times: Exhibits will be located in NRB outside of the main auditorium till 4pm on the first day and throughout on the second day.

Primary Sponsor

The global leader in brain-computer interface (BCI technology), Blackrock Neurotech pioneered the implantable neurotech space with brain tech that restores function in people with paralysis and neurological disorders like ALS and epilepsy. Our BCI technology is in humans now – our patients have been able to move and feel again, type, make music, even create art. In addition to BCIs, we build implantable tools and microelectronics that diagnose and treat neurological disorders as well as research tools that have empowered thousands of published studies and groundbreaking innovations at hundreds of institutions around the world. 

630 Komas Drive | Suite 200 | Salt Lake City | UT 84108 | USA


Gold Sponsor

FHC, Inc., a Maine based company, has served the neuroscience community for more than 50 years in its mission to advance cranial microTargeting™ worldwide. NeuraLynx, now a division of FHC, provides data acquisition and analysis technology to researchers in over 1150 labs worldwide. Both on a mission to improve lives.

1201 Main Street | Bowdoin | ME 04287 | USA


Silver Sponsors

Dark Horse Neuro, Inc. provides “Big Data” electrophysiology data compression and two-level encryption software solutions for both animal and human data.  Compressed data size is an unheard of 5 to 1% of the raw data size which drastically reduces data storage costs, improves data analysis processing, streamlines data management, and allows easy and secure sharing.  DHN’s Real-Time Acquisition software package stores high-density subject recordings - compressed and encrypted - directly to any storage space for Neuralynx’s Digital Lynx SX and ATLAS Systems.

Dark Horse Neuro was founded in 2020 by Casey Stengel and Matt Stead, MD PhD, a 15 year Epileptologists at Mayo Clinic.

484 Running Horse Trail | Bozeman | MT  59715  



Ad-Tech Medical Corp., a Wisconsin based company, was founded in 1983 to provide safe and effective devices for patients suffering from neurological disorders or a lifetime of intractable seizures. Ad-Tech has a singular focus on designing, engineering and supporting the world’s most sought-after and vast range of Phase II clinical and research neuro-monitoring devices. Surgeons, Specialists and technicians across the globe count on Ad-Tech for reliable electrodes to help protect the health and well-being of patients around the world.

400 West Oakview Parkway | Oak Creek | WI  53154



Bronze Sponsors

The new standard in microelectrode recording.  Our probes, arrays, and grids are highly configurable and have superior spatiotemporal resolution, which is critical for isolating single units.  The new Deep Array can scale to thousands of recording sites, providing unprecedented single unit recording quality in deep brain structures.

802 Cromwell Park Drive | Suite N | Glen Burnie |  MD 21061


PMT® Corporation’s commitment to innovative products and customer satisfaction has made PMT a leader in epilepsy monitoring. PMT® utilizes the finest quality materials in the manufacturing process of their Cortac® Cortical Electrodes, sEEG and Depthalon® Depth Electrodes. 

1500 Park Road | Chanhassen | MN 55317