The poster session will take place on the afternoon of the first day of the conference, with a dedicated 2.5h long time slot for poster viewing, discussion, and refreshments. The poster session is taking place in the Luskin Conference Center Centennial Ballroom CD.  

Instructions for presenters: The maximum size of a poster is 4' x 6'  (height x width).  Please remove your posters after the session concludes if you would like to keep your poster. Posters are grouped into topics, please attach your poster to the assigned range of poster board numbers. 

The program brochure summarizes the program and will be provided as a hand-out upon check in.


Memory: Long-Term (Posters #1-9)

Jiali Zhang (NINDS, Oxford, United Kingdom) "Spiking sequence fidelity in the human anterior temporal lobe predicts successful memory encoding and retrieval"

Jie Zheng (BCH/Harvard) "Combined rate-phase coding of human medial temporal lobe neurons at cognitive boundaries shapes episodic memory representations"

Luca D. Kolibius (University of Glasgow, United Kingdom) "Hippocampal neurons code individual episodic memories in humans "

Lukas Kunz (Columbia) "Ripple-locked coactivity of object and place cells supports human associative memory"

Manuela Costa (University Politécnica de Madrid, Spain) "Amygdala and hippocampus interactions guiding retrieval of aversive memories"

Mar Yebra (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center) "Evidence accumulation by single units in the human Medial Temporal Lobe (MTL) during memory-based decisions."

Marielle Darwin (U Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus) "Eye tracking and single-neuron responses associated with recognition memory task performance in humans with epilepsy"

Mohammad Khazali (Freiburg University, Germany) "Single-neuron representations of temporal order in the human medial temporal lobe"

Wenying Zhu (Caltech) "Distinct Cell Populations Encode Item Familiarity and Source Context for Human Face Recognition Memory"

Memory: Working memory (Posters #10-12)

Jonathan Daume (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center) "A single cell correlate of theta-gamma phase amplitude coupling during working memory in the human hippocampus"

Rhiannon Cowan (U Utah) "Dynamic encoding of target and distractor representations during working memory performance"

Stefanie Liebe (U Hospital Tübingen) "Theta-based spike-phase coding supports temporal-order working memory in the human medial temporal lobe and recurrent neural networks"

Memory: Medial temporal lobe (Posters #13-17)

Alana Darcher (U Bonn, U Tübingen, Germany) "Regional differences in single neuron timescales between static and dynamic stimuli in the human medial temporal lobe"

Bita Samimizad (U Bonn, Germany) "Single-neuron representations of ambiguous words in the human medial temporal lobe"

Doris E. Dijksterhuis (NIN, The Netherlands) "Cells in the human medial temporal lobe are reactivated by pronouns that refer to concepts to which they are tuned"

Marcel Bausch (U Bonn, Germany) "Distinct populations in human MTL combine items and contexts across temporal gaps "

Executive function and decision making (Posters #18-26)

Amirsaman Sajad (Vanderbilt) "Functional architecture of executive control in the medial frontal cortex and associated event-related potentials"

Geeling Chau (Caltech) "Paracingulate Sulcus presence affects single neuron responses to errors in human medial frontal cortex"

Hristos Courellis (Caltech/UCLA) "Static and Dynamic Representations of Task Context in Hippocampus and Medial Frontal Cortex Support Multi-Task Behavior"

Jake Gavenas (Chapman) "Spontaneous fluctuations in networks with slow synapses underlie early changes in firing rates before self-initiated actions "

Thomas Donoghue (Columbia) "Single neurons in the human medial temporal lobe engage in distinct aspects of different tasks"

Tomas Aquino (Caltech) "Neurons in human pre-supplementary motor area encode key computations for value-based choice"

Zhongzheng Fu (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center) "The geometry of domain-general performance monitoring in the human medial frontal cortex "

New Technology and methods (Posters #27-35)

Ahnaf Rashik Hassan (Columbia) "Translational Organic Neural Interface Devices at Single Neuron Resolution"

Christopher Kovach (U Iowa) "Templates before detection: spike waveform identification with higher-order spectra"

Fernando Julian Chaure (U Buenos Aires, Argentina) "A new kernel for dynamic experimental paradigms based on single neuron responses in the human brain"

Gábor Tamás (U Szeged, Hungary) "Three dimensional high density electrode arrays allow identification of synaptically coupled human neurons in vivo"

Jihwan Lee (UCSD) "Ultra-Sharp, Individually Addressable Silicon-based Nanowire Arrays Natively Permeate, Record, and Stimulate Intracellular Activity in Neuronal and Cardiac Networks"

Keundong Lee (UCSD) "Flexible, Scalable High Channel Count Stereo-Electrode for Recording in the Human Brain"

Sabera Talukder (Caltech) "Deep Neural Imputation: A Framework for Recovering Incomplete Brain Recordings"

Vitalie Cervinschi (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center) "Inferring Transcriptomics, Electrophysiology and Morphology Cell Classes from Human Cortical Extracellular Single-Unit Recordings"

Youngbin Tchoe (UCSD) "Human Brain Mapping with Multi-Thousand Channel PtNRGrids Resolves Spatiotemporal Dynamics"

Motor system (Posters #36-40)

Ahmad Alhourani (U Louisville) "The Ventral intermediate nucleus of the thalamus cells encode diverse aspects of motor execution"

Jessica McDonnell (U Louisville) "STN subregion function during motor conflict in PD"

Leon Amadeus Steiner (Krembil Research Institute - UHN, Canada) "Synaptic building blocks underlying the subcortical circuit intervention of subthalamic deep brain stimulation"

Luka Milosevic (U Toronto, Canada) "Top-down control of human motor thalamic neuronal activity during the auditory oddball task"

Srdjan Sumarac (U Toronto, Krembil Brain Institute, Canada) "Machine learning approach for predicting severity of symptoms in Parkinson's disease from intraoperative single-neuron recordings"

Brain state and attention (Posters #41-45)

Kelsey Sundby (NINDS) "Attention modulates single-unit sequences in human ATL during memory encoding"

Jacob Westerberg (Vanderbilt) "The neural basis for an EEG index of attention"

Araceli R. Cardenas (Krembil Research Institute - UHN, Canada) "Nose and mouth breathing differentially entrain ripples and neuronal spiking activity in humans"

Saman Abbaspoor (Vanderbilt) "Hippocampal theta and gamma- band decoupling during mobility, visual search, and sleep in macaques"

Shraddha Shah (U Rochester, BCM) "Attentional modulation of spike count correlations among distinct categories of anatomically connected neurons in V1"

Social cognition, emotions, and neuroethics (Posters #46-50)

Arianna Neal (Mount Sinai) "Single neurons in the human substantia nigra encode social prediction errors"

Salman Ehtesham Qasim (Mount Sinai) "Neurons in the human brain encode emotional space"

SeungHyun Lee (U Arizona) "Neurons in the non-human primate amygdala respond to social status'

Yoshiyuki Onuki (Jichi Medical University, Japan) "Encoding of the pain intensity of others in human subthalamic nucleus"

Ashley Feinsinger (UCLA) "Through the Relational Lens: Improving Informed Consent for Intraoperative Research"

Epilepsy / Mechanisms of disease (Posters #51-52)

David Hunt (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center) "Multimodal Analysis of Non-Lesional Epilepsy in Humans: Single-Neuron Recordings In-Vivo & Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing Ex-Vivo"

Edward Merricks (Columbia U Medical Center) "Single neuron activity in the mesial temporal lobe during human seizures shows reduction of both excitatory and inhibitory firing"

Stimulation (Posters #53-54)

Uma Mohan (NIH/NINDS) "Characterizing single-neuron responses to multisite direct electrical brain stimulation in humans"

Yousef Salimpour (JHU School of Medicine) "Phase-dependent Neuromodulation of the Human Cortico-Basal ganglia–Thalamo–Cortical network"

Brain Machine interfaces (Posters #55-61)

David Bjånes (Caltech) "Scanning electron microscopy data of ten intracortical microelectrode arrays, previously implanted in three humans affected by tetraplegia for recording and stimulation of cortical networks "

Isabelle Rosenthal (Caltech) "Exploring the effects of multisensory information in S1 within and outside the cortical homunculus"

Jonas B Zimmermann (Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering, Switzerland) "Intracortical BCI in a home use setting to enable communication by a person in completely locked-in state "

José Vergara de la Fuente (BCM) "Characterization of single unit and local field potential responses during bimanual touch in human somatosensory cortex"

Kelly Kadlec (Caltech) "Coding for movements across the body in human motor cortex and posterior parietal cortex"

Luke Bashford (Caltech) "Neural subspaces of imagined movements remain stable over several years in humans"

Whitney Griggs (Caltech, UCLA) "A Functional Ultrasound Brain-Machine Interface: Real-Time Decoding of Eight Movement Directions"

Language and Semantics (Posters #62-71)

John H Wittig Jr. (NIH/NINDS) "Distinct Rate and Sequence Codes for Semantic Information in Human ATL neurons"

Kathryn Snyder (UTHealth Houston) "A heteromodal cortical language network for lexical access"

Kenji Ibayashi (Jichi Medical University, Japan) "Olfactory naming related activities recorded from human entorhinal and speech cortices"

Matteo Vissani (MGH/Harvard) "Speech-related spike-phase coupling of subthalamic neurons to the human cortex "

Matthew Nelson (U Alabama at Birmingham) "Preferential activation for semantic content words in the left Anterior Temporal Lobe"

Oscar Woolnough (UTHealth Houston) "Two Spatiotemporally Distinct Cortical Networks for Sentence Reading"

Sarah Kim Wandelt (Caltech) "Speech and internal speech decoding from populations of single neurons in a tetraplegic human"

Sina Mackay (U Hospital Bonn, Germany) "Concept neurons in the medial temporal lobe represent the semantic building blocks of human memory"

Tessy M. Thomas (UTHealth Houston) "Decoding speech production from local field potentials using stereoelectroencephalography"

Zsuzsanna Kocsis (U Iowa) "Immediate Neural Impact and Compensation After Semantic Hub Disconnection"

Spatial cognition and memory (Posters #72-76)

Sandra Maesta Pereira (Columbia) "Conjunctive Encoding in Human Place and Time Cells"

Hanga Dormán (U Texas) "Representation of Three-Dimensional Space in the Human Hippocampus"

Jorge Gamez (Caltech) "Allocentric spatial representations in human posterior parietal cortex"

Matthias Stangl (UCLA) "Human grid-cell-like representations encode the location and movement of others"

Sensory representations (Posters #77-84)

Joel Berger (U Iowa) "Multi-unit responses to sound pitch recorded across Heschl’s gyrus"

Lou Blanpain (Emory, Georgia Tech) "Sensory Flicker Modulates Single Neuron Activity in the Human Hippocampus and Cingulate"

Nora Krenn (U Hospital Bonn, Germany) "Human single-neuron dynamics during saccadic and smooth-pursuit eye movements"

Puneeth N. Chakravarthula (WashU) "A neuronal saliency map in the human amygdala and hippocampus"

Runnan Cao (West Virginia University, WashU) "Feature-based encoding of objects by single neurons in the human amygdala and hippocampus"

Thomas P. Reber (U Bonn, Germany; UniDistance Suisse, Switzerland) "Single-neuron mechanisms of neural adaptation in the human temporal lobe"

Varun Wadia (Caltech, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center) "Characterizing visual imagery at single cell resolution in human Inferotemporal cortex"

Elliot Murphy (UTHealth Houston) "Probing local cortical signatures of perceptible and imperceptible concepts"